Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is wireless power supply in the first place?
A: Please refer to this page. https://aeterlink.jp/en/what-is-wireless-power-suppiy/

Q: How many devices can be charged at the same time?
A: Depending on the conditions, it is possible to supply power to 100 or more devices at the same time. If the devices are too close to each other, the power supply efficiency may drop, and it is possible to verify the installation conditions according to the application example.

Q: Is there any effect on the human body?(In Japan)
A: According to the Radio Law established by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the effect on the human body is extremely small up to 4 W / kg for whole body exposure such as radio towers and 2 W / kg for local exposure such as smartphones. In the law revision scheduled for 2020, the transmission power is scheduled to be 1W. In addition, the energy decreases as the distance increases due to the attenuation of radio waves, so it is thought that the radio waves radiated to the human body will be much weaker than the upper limit of regulations. (* This is our own view.)

Q: Which antenna is the multi-antenna, the power feeding side or the power receiving side?
A: It is the receiving side.

Q: What kind (shape) of transmitting antennas do you have?
A: We provide patch antennas (about A4 notebooks), whip antennas and dipole antennas (both about ballpoint pens), Yagi-Uda antennas (framed type mainly installed on the roof of a house), etc. according to application examples. Is possible.

Q: What kind of device should be assumed from the viewpoint of power consumption that can be driven by Aeterlink’s wireless power supply?
A: The assumptions are as follows.・ After the revision of the law in 2020 (planned): Sensor devices, wireless earphones, etc. ・ After the revision of the law in 2022 (planned): Wireless headphones, low-power edge computing, etc. (I think it is difficult to charge smartphones quickly)

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