About VFC technology, which is our original new standard

Our wireless power supply technology was developed as a power supply technology for medical devices that are embedded in the body called medical implant devices. Our elemental technologies have been uniquely developed to reliably deliver power wirelessly from outside the body in harsh environments where the human body is moving and the dielectric loss is extremely high. It features (1) proprietary wireless power transmission technology, (2) medium to long range, and (3) microwaves. Utilizing these, we have achieved a power transmission efficiency of about 10 to 20 times that of the conventional technology and a transmission reach of 10 meters or more. We provide solutions to everyone as a technology that can be used not only in medical fields but also in various situations such as industrial and home use. Data communication is 5G generation, while wireless power supply is limited to 1G. We will continue to work together to evolve together with you and to realize a world without wiring for a 6G society.