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Factory Automation


NEDO(Robot hand)

NEDO採択 次世代ロボットハンド用センサー






NEDO adopted Next-generation robot hand sensor

There is a need to mount various sensors on the tip of the robot hand used in factories and distribution warehouses.

Especially in distribution warehouses, due to a serious shortage of personnel, full automation of work in the warehouse is required.

Picking of objects with different shapes cannot be solved by making full use of cameras and AI, and despite simple work, many people have been put in.

By mounting a sensor on the robot hand, it is possible for a robot that replaces a person to perform the work.
Wiring is difficult because it is a moving part, or disconnection is likely to occur, and as of today, a robot hand equipped with a sensor has not been realized.

Aeterlink solves the above problems by operating the sensor at the tip of the robot hand completely wirelessly, enabling real-time data communication.